• Participating in a barbacoa de chivo or earth oven goat roast with a maestro mezcalero and his family. From butchering, preparing the oven, cooking, and finally feasting, paired with traditional mezcal made on site. 

  • Gathering wildflowers and creating a traditional Day of the Dead altar in the home of a local family. Taking part in the preparations and celebrations for Muertos-chocolate making, mole and tamale making, bread baking, feasting, lighting incense to light the way for the visiting souls. 

  • Visiting traditional mezcal palenques that use different production techniques such as copper stills and clay pot stills, go in-depth to explore the terroir of traditional mezcal from different regions within Oaxaca. Optional overnight stays (*subject to seasonal availability) or multi-day excursions, participating in the production of traditional mezcal

  • Participate in the celebration for Niño Jesus in the town of Santa Catarina Minas taking in the mole, mezcal, music, fireworks, processions, and elaborate dance with pine trees. 

  • Comparative cooking classes focused specifically on heirloom corn masa and the ways it used in traditional cooking in two different regions: Miahuatlán and Teotitlán.

  • Traditional healing workshop with the first women's cooperative in Teotitlán del Valle, learning about medicinal herbs, Zapotec massage, and participating in a limpia, or spiritual cleansing.

Not sure what you'd like to explore? Our experiences cater to mezcal enthusiasts, food lovers, and those with a creative eye. We make all the arrangements, you enjoy! Our outings are intimate, 2-6 people, allowing us the incredible opportunity to be invited into the homes and workspaces of mezcal producers, cooks, and artisans. Learn more about the communities we work in and our community partners here.




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