Valley of Ocotlán

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Clay Two Ways

Ask us about: Day of the Dead celebrations, Fiestas tradicionales, dried flower crafts, traditional blouse embroidery

Mezcal Minero (half day)

Mezcal Minero (full day)

Mezcal Minero & Limpia * coming soon

Healing with Mezcal* coming soon


Zaachila & Zimatlán

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Miahuatlán Mezcal

Miahuatlán Market & Mezcal

Miahuatlán Market, Traditional Cooking Class, & Mezcal

Miahuatlán Traditional Cooking Class & Mezcal

Ask us about: Bread baking, Day of the Dead, overnight stays, basket weaving, hat making, and Nixtmalization & Maíz Criollo workshops

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Zaachila Market & Farm to Table Cooking Class * coming soon

Zimatlán Farm to Table Cooking class (half day) * coming soon