Traditional Mezcal

Go straight to the source of traditional mezcal; meet the producers, sample the best mezcal in the world, and learn about the rich history of mezcal production in the region.


Traditional Cooking

Explore the traditional cuisine of different villages of Oaxaca, learn from a local cook pre-Hispanic and time tested recipes that respect the historic taste of the region. Visit the village market to pick out the freshest ingredients, prepare a fantastic meal, and enjoy!


Hand Crafted Goods

Meet artisans who use techniques handed down over centuries. See their process, learn about their use of natural materials, and the cultural heritage behind breathtaking rugs, woven palm crafts, and antiques of the mezcal trade.


Fiesta Tradicional

We offer custom experiences tailored to you. Let us help you create your own custom experience in Oaxaca or join us at a Fiesta Tradicional were we are invited to partake in the mole, mezcal, music, dancing, and local traditions. Check our calendar for upcoming scheduled outings.