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Día de los muertos, Day of the Dead, is one of the most important celebrations of the year for Oaxacan families. During this time of year no expense is spared, no matter what economic class you come from, in order to receive your loved ones that are no longer a part of this world. It’s a time of memories and most of all celebration, welcoming the souls of deceased loved ones to once again visit the world of the living for 2 days. Traditional foods such as mole negro, tamales, pan de muerto, mezcal and hot chocolate are at the heart of the celebration as offerings to the visiting souls. We invite you to join us in experiencing the traditions of todos santos first hand with the families that keep these traditions alive. We will participate in mole and tamal making and feasting, chocolate making, walking in flower fields, visiting seasonal markets, and creating our own altar in honor of the souls that passed this year. Join us in preparing for and welcoming the visiting souls in Teotitlán del Valle, Mitla, the valley of Ocotlán, and Miahuatlán, experiencing the unique traditions in each region. We kick off the celebration October 15th each year and end the celebration on November 4th, the most important days of celebrating being November 1st and 2nd. Check out our Calendar for the special activities we have planned during this year.

Ocotlán Valley



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Join us celebrating some of the most culturally important dates in the Ocotlán Valley such as Palm Sunday in San Antonino (April 5th), Carnival in San Martín Tilcajete (February 25th), and the New Year´s Eve procession in Santa Catarina Minas celebrating el niño palenquero. Check our Calendar for upcoming events!


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In the traditional mezcal producing region of the Sierra Sur we have the great pleasure to take part in town celebrations for San Antonio (June 13th), Reyes (3 Kings day, January 6th), as well as baptism, wedding, and quinceañera parties in December each year. Celebrations are done in style in the Sierra Sur, where you can expect up to 1,000 guests at a baptism with a traditional barbacoa de chivo (earth oven roasted goat barbeque) or 200 liters of mole and traditional mezcal served to all of the guests. We have the rare opportunity not only to attend these celebrations with our community partners but also participate in the preparations for the feast by helping to prepare the mole or barbacoa the day before on our overnights to Rancho Los Nahuales. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrations on our Calendar throughout December as well as behind the scenes documentation on our Instagram feed.

Teotitlán del Valle

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Teotitlán is well known throughout the Tlacolula Valley for its fiestas tradicionales such as the veneration of the black Christ from Escipulas (Jan 11th), pre-Christmas gatherings (posadas) (Dec 15-24), and every summer the celebration of the precious blood of Christ where the intricate danza de la pluma is performed and a calenda (parade) winds its way through the village streets with a 30 piece band leading the way. Check our Calendar throughout the year as there are over 23 dates of celebration each year in Teotitlán!


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From the all night parties of Day of the Dead (Nov 1 & 2) to Saint Judas´ feast day (Oct 28th), the people of Mitla are known for throwing a great party. Exceptional and welcoming hosts, they often throw shade on other villages in the area for being too reserved and not dancing enough. They even throw their own Guelaguetza, the famed traditional dance festival that takes in Oaxaca city as well as in a select few surrounding communities (3rd Sunday in July). Check our Calendar for upcoming celebrations and our IGTV for behind the scenes at the Gueleguetza as well as bread and chocolate making for día de los muertos.